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The BEST in vintage skin/fetish magazines only from VNP! Each magazine measures approximately 8.5" X 11". Prices quoted are in US funds, worldwide shipping included (USPS Confirmed shipping in US).
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Sir! - August 1961
August, 1961

Good condition with considerable rubs, soil, and wear to cover and spine. Packed full of scandalous content, risque pix and fabulously hot illustrations. These mags were all about the cover art. The tawdry image of a buxom blonde facing the Nazi firing squad is a perfect example of why these mags were so popular. Very collectible these days.
Only one copy available.

Modern Man Qtrly V13
Modern Man Quarterly, Vol. 13
Winter, 1957

NEAR MINT condition. Fabulous photo layouts including Rosa Dolmai, Dawn Danielle, Lisa Davis, Lynn Shaw, Cindy Gray, Joan Bradshaw; with pix by Eva Grant, Franz Lehman, Danny Rouzer, Arnold Rubinstein, Art Messick, Andre De Dienes, Peter Gowland, and others. Spiral bound. Absolutely incredible condition.
Only one copy available.

Sir! - August 1961
Including Worldwide Shipping

Modern Man Quarterly, Vol. 13, Winter 1957
Including Worldwide Shipping

Modern Man, March '62
Modern Man
March, 1962

Near Mint condition with tiny chip off corner of rear cover. Packed full of color and b/w nude photos. You won't believe the incredible photos and color centerfold of June Palmer in this juicy issue. She was 23 luscious years old for the photo shoot and taped in at 38-23-37!! All Real!! And there is a full page color shot of June Wilkenson! WOW!!! Some photos by Peter Gowland, Mario Casilli, Anthony DiMarco, Eva Grant and others. There is a great article (packed with photos) on Pappy Boyington, the World War II Pacific skies flying ace. That wacky, zany comic, Jonathan Winters, is the subject of another.

Spree, '58
Spree 1958
Near near mint condition. This is one of a collection of magazines that came out of a "fish bait" shop in Arizona which closed in 1958 and was only recently cleared out. Very early issue of this title.(Volume 1 #5) This issue has a RARE COVER PHOTO SET of my absolute favorite buxom beauty of the 1950s, VIRGINIA BELL! There is also a fabulous layout of her displaying all her glorious and natural charms (42"-22"-34")!! There are some great photos of other 1950s nudes along with cartoons and articles. I have only ONE COPY of this title. You may never see another. Order it now.

Modern Man March, 1962

Spree, 1958
Including Worldwide Shipping

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