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1992 Directory of Adult Films
1993 Directory of Adult Films
2 For A Stud Vol.1, #1
4orty Plus Vol.9, #2
All About Ava N4
All Stars - FAB John Holmes
Anal Sex 18 Starring John Holmes
Anal Erotica N.1
Anal Lasses Vol.2, No.4
Baby Dolls V2 N3
Backside To The Future
Bedmates N.5
Big Bosoms - N10
Big Daddy N.1
Big Jugs #1
Big Tits Vol.8, #1
The Bisexuals #1
Bitches in Heat Vol.1, #4
Blow Up N12
Blue Climax N36
Bobby Sox Tennis Shoes N2
Bottom Out V.1, N.3
Breasty Babes Vol.2, #2
Carnal Workout Vol.1, #1
Coed Fever
Colorama - Swedish Erotica
Cum All Over N1
Cum All Over N3
Cum For 4 N.3
Cumsuck N1
Dildo Girls Vol. 1, N.1
Doctors... And Vampires N1
Double Cocked N1
Eager Beavers #1
Eatable And Unbeatable
Edible And Bedable
Ejac N1
Ejac N2
Equal Time
Eros Parisienne N2
Eroticat N12
Eroticat Cum Shot N3
Eroticat Cum Shot N4
Erotic Fantasy - Premiere Issue
Erotic Video Album N1
Extas N5
Extas N8
Flying Pussies V1 N1
Fly Me V1 N1
Foot Teasers V1 N3
French Baby Dolls V1 N2
Fucking Nikki's Knockers - Vol.1, #1
Giant Tits #1
Girls N29
Golden Girls N.26
Handful! Vol. 1, N.1
High Heels V12 N2
High School N9
Horny Babes Vol.1, #1
Horny Sluts Vol. 1, #1
Hot Afternoon 3-Way
Hot and Wet Beavers
Hot Pussys Vol. 1, #1
Hungry For Cum Vol.1, #1
Keep On Truckin
Kinky N1
Ladies In Love Vol.1, N.2
Lasses and Asses Vol.4, #2
Legs Legs N1
Leg World N4
Lesbian Affair Vol.1, N.1
Lesbian Love N.6
Le Sexy V7 N3
Lick It N.1
Lollipops N2
Love Games V1N1
Love In Action
Love Partners Vol.1, #2
Lust Filled Bust Queens Vol.1, #1
Lusty Latins V1 N2
Masturbating Mamas V9 N2
More Than Girlfriends #4
My Boss Loves Big Tits
New Cunts N40
Oral Pleasure
Peach Fuzz Pussies N14
Pink N6
Pink and Juicy Vol.3, N.1
Pirate N42
Pocket Partner #19/20
Pocket Partner #23/24
Pocket Partner #25/26
Pocket Partner #27/28
Pocket Partner #29/30
Pocket Partner #30/31
Pretty Girls
Prima VII
Private N32
Prude V3N1 - Traci Lords Cover RARE
Pussyrama #1
Rated X #6
Sappho Heat Vol.2, N.4
Sassy In Satan V1 N2
Seductress #3
Sex Mania
Shaved Pussy #27
She Can't Say No
She Male Tales
Show Stoppers Vol.1, #1
Sinful Pleasures Annual N2
Snob N1
Steno Spreads V7 N3
Strip Revue N3
Suckin' Cream
Suck Sluts
Sundisk 7 - Uschi Digard Cover
Super Boobs Vol.1, #2
Super Sex Stars N5
Swedish Erotica Special Transsex Issue 21
Sweet Blond Pussies V1 N1
Sweethearts Vol.2, #1
The Swinging Singles N1
Teenage Sex N62
Teen Tongue N1
Tender Shavers #26
Titanic Tits Vol.1, #1
Tits N1
Tits and Cunts V1N1
Tit Teasers Vol.3, #1
Titted Shavers #1
Titter N1
Touch Me 5
Transexual Climax N10
Weiss Publications - for men who think BIG!
Wet Thighs

140 Pix of Shaved Pussy Vol.1, #2
200+ Photos of Dildo Babes Vol.1 #1
208 Photos of Legs, Boobs, Lingerie Vol.1 #1
Adult Words & Pictures Vol.3 #2
Affair - Vol. 1 #4
Black Magic - Vol. 1 #1
Black Magic - Vol. 6 #3
Blockbusters Vol.10 #2
Body Shop - Vol. 4 #3
Body Shop - Vol. 7 #2
Champagne Vol.7 #3
Creamy Blondes Vol.2 #2
Cute & Curvy Vol.1 #4
Fanny V5N2
Film and Figure N24
Film and Figure N25
Film and Figure V7N4
Film and Figure V8N2
Film and Figure V8N3
French Frills - Vol. 6 #4
French Frills - Vol. 7 #2
French Frills - Vol. 8 #3
French Frills - Vol. 9 #4
Hot Wet Pussys Vol.4 #1
Kingsize - Vol.14, #3
Late Show - Vol. 7 #2
Line and Form - Vol. 8 #4
Line and Form - Vol. 9 #4
Love Time #9
Matinee Vol.6 #3
Nasty Nymphs Vol.1, #3
The Nylon Jungle - Vol. 2 #5
The Nylon Jungle - Vol. 7 #2
The Nylon Jungle - Vol. 7 #3
The Nylon Jungle - Vol. 8 #1
Pictorial Sexpress Vol.2 #1
Rebecca - A New Star Vol.1 #1
Secret Hours - Vol. 8 #1
Secret Hours - Vol. 8 #3
Snap - Vol. 9 #2
Snap - Vol. 9 #3
Tip Top Vol.9 #4
Touch V1N1
Willing Housewives Vol.5 #2

All New Betty Page
All New Betty Page Vol. 1, #1
Avant Garde - Picasso 9/69
Bachelor 1/57 Marilyn Monroe on cover
Bachelor 5/57
Backstage Follies 6/57
Betty Page - Pin-Up and Figure Model
Black Nylons Vol.1, N.8
Black Nylons and High Heels, V1, N2
Bust With Humor
Busty Brown and Friends
Cabaret Quarterly - Jayne Mansfield
Carnival - Vol.3, #2
Celebrity Sleuth - Women of Rock 1986
Cloud 9 N1
Club 5/75
Club 9/84 - TRACI LORDS
Color Pix Quarterly Vol.1
Dominant Damsels Featuring Betty Page, Issue 1
Fabulous Females, V1, I6
Fabulous Females - Jackie Miller, I1, V4
Fashion Art Poses Featuring Betty Page
Figure Photography Annual V4
Figure Photography Annual V5
Figure Photography Annual V7
Flimsey Report 1953
Fling #17 1960
Frolic - Oct. 1964
Hollywood Girls Of The Month N3
Hollywood Girls Of The Month N5
Hollywood Models Of The Month N7
Hollywood Starlets - Indoors, N4
Introducing Elvie Spratt and Karen Johnson
Jaguar 1/69
Jayne (Mansfield)
King's Man #10
Lotus #24
Lovely Models Featuring Betty Page
Meet The Girls, V1, N1
Modern Man 2/57 Sophia Loren
Modern Man 3/57
Modern Man 3/62 June Palmer
Modern Man Qtrly. Winter 1957
More Sherri! Vol. 2, #1 - Uschi Digard
Pose for Sophisticates #1
Presenting Betty Page, N1
Presenting Betty Page - At Home, N5
Presenting Vicki Palmer, N7
Revels N1
Rogue 6/66
Seka Speaks
Sir! 8/61
Snap Vol.2, N.3
Spark N.1
Spree 1958 Virginia Bell
Swank 2/57
Tiger 3/57 Dianne Webber Cover
Titter Tatter Proverbs

Puritan Mag Director's Chair - RARE
Puritan (Best Of) V1
Puritan (Best Of) V2
Puritan (Best Of) V9 Jenna Jameson Signed
Puritan #1
Puritan #2
Puritan #3
Puritan #4
Puritan #5
Puritan #6
Puritan #7
Puritan #8
Puritan #9
Puritan #10
Puritan #11
Puritan #12
Puritan #13
Puritan #14
Puritan #15
Puritan #16
Puritan #17
Puritan #18
Puritan #19
Puritan #20
Puritan #21
Puritan #22
Puritan #23
Puritan #24
Puritan #25
Puritan #26
Puritan #27
Puritan #28
Puritan #29
Puritan #30
Puritan #31
Puritan #32
Puritan #33
Puritan #34
Puritan #35
Puritan #36
Puritan #37
Puritan #38
Puritan #39
Puritan #40
Puritan #41
Puritan #42
Puritan #43
Puritan #44
Puritan #45
Puritan #46
Puritan #47
Puritan #48
Puritan #49
Puritan #50
Puritan #51
Puritan #52
Puritan #53
Puritan #54
Puritan #55
Puritan #56
Puritan #57
Puritan #58
Puritan #59
Puritan #60
Puritan #61
Puritan #62
Puritan #63
Puritan #64
Puritan #65
Puritan #66
Puritan #67
Puritan #68
Puritan American Dreambook N1
Puritan American Dreambook N2
Puritan American Dreambook N3
Puritan American Dreambook N4
Puritan American Dreambook Double
Puritan Best of American Dreambook
Best of Puritan V3
Best of Puritan V4
Best of Puritan V5
Best of Puritan V6
Best of Puritan V7
Best of Puritan V8
Best of Puritan V9
Best of Puritan V10
Puritan Gold V1
Puritan Gold V2
Puritan Special 1990
Puritan Special Edition
Puritan #56 Jill Kelly Signed
Puritan #63 Charmane Signed
Puritan Nasty Erotica N1
Puritan Nasty Erotica N2
Puritan High Voltage N1
Puritan Paradise
Puritan Rumours N1
Puritan Rumours N2

3 Way Cum N5
3-Way Lust N11
3-Way Party Girls
3 Way Passions
69 N22
All That Jism
Amateur Erotica V1N1
Amateur Raw Talent
Anal Cravings
Any Number Can Play
Any Time Any Place N2
Ass Masters Special N4
Australian Erotica
The Best Of Cum N1
The Best Of Cum N2
The Best Of Cum N3
The Best Of Cum N4
The Best Of Cum N5
The Best Of Cum N6
The Best Of Cum N7
The Best Of Cum N8
The Best Of Cum N12
The Best Of Cum N13
The Best Of Cum N14
The Best Of Cum N16
Bi-Bi Babe
Butt Fuckers
Cum Parties
Cunt Licking Cunts
Cunt Sucking Sluts
Easy Pieces - Nina Hartly
Erotic Film Review #2
Express V3N1
Express V4N1
Fucking Amateurs
Fucking Assholes
Fucking Swingers
Girls Who Eat Cum
Girls Who Eat Cum N2
Girls Who Eat Cum N3
Girls Who Eat Cum N7
Girls Who Love Their Toys
Girls Who Suck Pussy N3
Girls Who Take It Up The Ass N15
Girls Who Take It Up The Ass N16
Girl To Girl Sex Fever
Hard S/M N.1
Here's Cum In Your Eye
Horny Nurses
Intimacy Special N5
Intimacy V2 N4
Intimacy V3 N2
Intimacy V3 N3
Kinky Trios
Lady Lust - Featuring Trinity Loren
Lesbian Amateurs N2
Lesbian Dreams N4
Lesbian Foreign Affairs
Lesbians In Lust
Lesbian Lovers N2
Lesbian Weekend
Let's Have A Fuck Party
Lou N3
Sex Galore N2
Share And Share Alike
Sit On My Dick
Squeeze V1 N4
Squeeze V1 N8
Squeeze V2 N1
Squeeze V2 N3
Squeeze V2 N4
Squeeze V3 N4
Squeeze V4 N1
Squeeze V4 N3
Squeeze V4 N4
Squeeze V5 N1
Threescore N5
Three Way Connections
Three-Way Heat N2
Triple Climax N3
Triple Cum
Wild Lesbian Desires
Wild Orgies
The World According To Ginger

Sex to Sexty #9, Laugh Potion
Sex to Sexty #15, Laff Clinic
Sex to Sexty #16, Schizoid
Sex to Sexty #18, Sock It To Me
Sex to Sexty #19, True Love
Sex to Sexty #23, Togetherness
Sex to Sexty #24, No Bull
Sex to Sexty #25, Cupid
Sex to Sexty #28, Best Man
Sex to Sexty #31, Wahoo
Sex to Sexty #32, Early American
Sex to Sexty #33, Seekin' Deacon
Sex to Sexty #34, How Now
Sex to Sexty #35, Skin Rock
Sex to Sexty #36, Woolly West
Sex to Sexty #37, Hot Dog
Sex to Sexty #38, Moosey Goosey
Sex to Sexty #39, Olay
Sex to Sexty #40, Split Tail
Sex to Sexty #41, Vacuum Packed
Sex to Sexty #42, Plugged In
Sex to Sexty #43, Limber Timber
Sex to Sexty #44, Monkey Business
Sex to Sexty #45, Ring-A-Ding
Sex to Sexty #46, Crack Shot
Sex to Sexty #47, Dry Hump
Sex to Sexty #49, Heap Big
Sex to Sexty #50, Ride On
Sex to Sexty #51, Dead End
Sex to Sexty #53, Gold Digger's
Sex to Sexty #55, Small Talk
Sex to Sexty #56, Hippo Dippo
Sex to Sexty #57, His and Her's
Sex to Sexty #58, Passion Puddle
Sex to Sexty #59, Bow Wow
Sex to Sexty #60, Self Defense
Sex to Sexty #61, Situation Comedy
Sex to Sexty #71, Yummy Dummy
Sex to Sexty #72, Hard At Work
Sex to Sexty #73, Master Piece
Sex to Sexty #74, Flipped Out
Sex to Sexty #75, Cold Nose
Sex to Sexty #76, Pay-Triotic
Sex to Sexty #80, Udder Delight
Sex to Sexty #81, Pigskin
Sex to Sexty #83, Bull Headed
Sex to Sexty #86, Punchin' Judy
Sex to Sexty #89, Poor Taste
Sex to Sexty #102, Wild Hare
Sex to Sexty #114, Buck Fever
Sex to Sexty #137, Mammary FlimFlammery
Sex to Sexty #146, Big Bad Wolf
Sex to Sexty #158, Handi Dandi
Sex to Sexty #161, Hard Knight
Sex to Sexty #166, Tote'Um Load'Um

Belt Paddle And Rod
Bishop - HOM
The Bishop - HOM
Bishop Number 3 - HOM
Bishop Number 4 - HOM
Bizarre Dominas N.5
Blackmail Spanking
Bondage '72 - HOM
Bondage School
Case Book: Flagellation
Corporal N.45
Corporal N.49
Corpun #3
Corpun #4
Domination Bonanza Vol.1 N.4
Dungeons and Slaves Annual No.1
Erotic Spanking Fantasies Vol. 1, #1
Erotic Spanking Fantasies Vol. 1, #3
Erotic Spanking Fantasies Vol. 1, #4
Extatique N2
Exotique Vol. 5, #1
Fads And Fancies N5
Fads And Fancies N6
Fantasia Vol.1
Fantasia Vol.2
Fantasia Vol.2 Correspondence
Fantasia Vol.3
Fantasia Vol.4
Fantasia Vol.5
Fantasia Vol.7
Fantasia Vol.10
Fantasia Vol.11
Fantasia Vol.12
Fantasia Vol.13
Fantasia Vol.14
Fantasia Vol.15
Fantasia Vol.16
Fantasia Vol.18
Fantasia Vol.19
Fantasia Vol.20
Female Discipline
Have Paddle Will Punish
High Heels In The Heavens
Kinque V1 N4
Male Humiliation Case-Histories
Mistress Quarterly Vol.1, #1
OUCH!!! Vol. 1, #1
Painful Memoirs of Mollie
Palms and Panties
Punishment By Domination
Red Cheeks Vol. 2, #4
Roy A. Oakley Catalog - RARE
Satan In High Heels V1 N2
Satan In High Heels V3 N2
Secret Spanking Cult
Severe Chastisement Of College Girls
Sexual Oddity N1
Spanking Sisters - Vol.1, #1
Spies Tortured And Chastised
Spiked Desires Annual N3
Spikes V3 N2
Spikes V3 N3
Spikes V4 N3
Swat V2 N3
Tales Of Female Domination Over Man
Torture Chamber In Copenhagen
Vixens On Vacation
Whip 'n Rod #4
Whip 'n Rod Vol. 3 #1

Succulent Toes N4
Leg Art N36
Leg Art N37
Leg Art N40
Leg Art N42
Leg Art N43
Leg Art N45
Leg Art N46
Leg Art N47
Leg Art N48
Leg Art N49

Exotique #9
Exotique #10
Exotique #13
Exotique #14
Exotique #16
Exotique #17
Exotique - Bandit In High Heels
Exotique - Correspondence Digest #1
Exotique - The Education Of Stephanie
Exotique Photo Album #5

An Intimate and Gay Diary Vol.1, #1
? - Not Just Another Pretty Face Vol.1, #1
Diretory of She-Males Vol.1, #1
The Female Impersonator #9
Female Mimics Premiere Issue
Female Mimics #2
Female Mimics #5
Female Mimics #7
Female Mimics #8
HeShe - Can You Believe Your Eyes?
Mr/Ms Vol.1 #1
She-Male Encounters - N2
Stephanie - She's Incredible Vol.1, #1
Torrid TV's Vol.1, #2
Torrid TV's Vol.1, #3
Transsexual Bonanza Vol.1, #2
TV Swingers Vol.1, #1
TV Swingers #5

EROS 1962
Eros, Vol. 1
Eros, Vol. 2
Eros, Vol. 3
Eros On Trial

Bizarre Bondage Catalog, N2
Bizarre Bondage Catalog N3
Bizarre Bondage Catalog N4
Bizarre Fashions
Bizarre Videos #1
Bondage Annual No. 4
Bondage Annual No. 7
Bondage Annual No. 5
Bondage From Holland
Bondage Toy Catalog No. 1 - HOM
Centurians N2
Discipline Helmets #2
DIY - Bondage Equipment and Restraints, No. 1
Exotic & Bizarre Victorian Corsetry
Fetters In London
House of Milan
Male Restraints Vol.1, No. 2
Restraints - HOM
Severe V1N5
Transvestite #9

Swedish Erotica 1 - RARE
Swedish Erotica 8

Playgirl 8/74
Playgirl 10/82
Playgirl 11/83
Best of Playgirl Vol. 1
Playgirl Discoveries #34
Playgirl's Men Vol. 2

Sexology Dec. 1956
Sexology Feb. 1957

Dangerous Pussy Vol.1
Dangerous Pussy Vol.2
Dangerous Pussy Vol.3

Gymnos N122 - Feb. 1960
Helios - Feb. 1960
Modern Sunbathing and Hygiene July, 1947
Modern Sunbathing and Hygiene April, 1949
Modern Sunbathing and Hygiene December, 1947
Modern Sunbathing and Hygiene September, 1949
Modern Sunbathing and Hygiene June, 1953
Sun and Health International Edition - April 1960
Sun Magazine V3, N4
Sun Magazine V3, N6
Sunshine and Health July, 1951
Sunshine and Health October, 1951
Sunshine and Health October, 1952
Sunshine and Health November, 1952
Sunshine and Health February, 1953
Sunshine and Health March, 1953
Sunshine and Health February, 1954
Sunshine and Health April, 1954
Sunshine and Health May, 1954
Sunshine and Health October, 1956
Sunshine and Health November, 1957
Sunshine and Health March, 1958
Sunshine and Health January, 1959
Sunshine and Health April, 1960
Sunshine and Health May, 1960
Sunshine and Health June, 1960
Sunshine and Health September, 1960
Sunshine and Health June, 1961
Sunshine and Health February, 1963

Response Vol.1, #3
Sense Vol.1, #5

Zap Comix #2
Zap Comix #3
Zap Comix #5

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