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All Stars - FAB John Holmes
BIG V.3 N.3 July 1964
BIG Annual - N.2
BIG Fall Winter Annual V.5 1964
Bob Anthony's Beefcake - N1
Body - March 1972
Fizeek Art Quarterly
Go Guys - Vol.1, No.1
Golden Boys N.8
Golden Boys N.10
Golden Boys N.12
Grecian Guild Pictorial N.44
International Nudist Sun #8
Mack N.1
Male Classics N.28
Man Alive N.26
Physique Artistry N.32
Physique Illustrated Annual - Summer 1963
Rookies In Uniform - V1, N1
Thrust - V1, N1
Tiger N.2
Trim Quarterly N.8 - Presents Spartacus
The Troy Saxon Album
The Vikings V1, N1
The Young Physique - V2, N6

Mr. Sun Vol.1, N1
Mr. Sun Vol.1, N3
Mr. Sun Vol.1, N5
Mr. Sun Vol.1, N6

Blueboy Vol. 5
Blueboy Vol. 6
Blueboy Vol. 7
Blueboy Vol. 9
Blueboy Vol. 12
Blueboy Jan. 1978
Blueboy Apr. 1978
Blueboy Dec. 1979
Blueboy Jan. 1980
Blueboy Feb. 1980
Blueboy Mar. 1980
Blueboy Aug. 1982
Blueboy Spring 1983
Blueboy Calendar 1979

Freshmen Sept. 1995

Hombre - V2, N4
Hombre - V2, N7

Honcho Mar. 2004

Inches May 2002

Male Pictorial July, 1991
Male Pictorial Aug. 1991
Male Pictorial Oct. 1991
Male Pictorial December, 1991

Mandate Mar. 1983
Mandate Feb. 2003

Numbers June, 1981
Numbers February, 1982
Numbers August, 1982
Numbers September, 1982
Numbers November, 1982

Athletic Model Guild Catalogs V1, V2
Athletic Model Guild Bulletins 70A, 70B, Spartacus Form
Physique Pictorial Winter, 1954
Physique Pictorial Spring, 1955
Physique Pictorial Summer, 1957
Physique Pictorial - V12, N1
Physique Pictorial - V12, N2
Physique Pictorial - V13, N3
Physique Pictorial - V13, N4
Physique Pictorial - V14, N2
Physique Pictorial - V15, N1
Physique Pictorial - V15, N2
Physique Pictorial - V16, N1
Physique Pictorial - V16, N2
Physique Pictorial - V16, N4


Advocate Men May, 1985
Advocate Men June, 1985
Advocate Men July, 1985
Advocate Men Aug. 1985
Advocate Men Sept. 1985
Advocate Men Oct. 1985
Advocate Men Nov. 1985
Advocate Men Dec. 1985
Advocate Men Feb. 1986
Advocate Men Mar. 1986
Advocate Men May, 1986
Advocate Men Apr. 1986
Advocate Men June, 1986
Advocate Men Aug. 1986
Advocate Men Sept. 1986
Advocate Men Nov. 1986
Advocate Men Dec. 1986
Advocate Men Jan. 1987
Advocate Men Feb. 1987
Advocate Men Mar. 1987
Advocate Men Apr. 1987
Advocate Men Aug. 1987
Advocate Men Oct. 1987
Advocate Men Jan. 1988
Advocate Men Mar. 1988
Advocate Men Apr. 1988
Advocate Men May, 1988
Advocate Men Aug. 1991
Advocate Men Sept. 1991
Advocate Men Oct. 1991
Advocate Men Nov. 1991
Advocate Men Dec. 1991
Advocate Men Mar. 1993
Advocate Men Apr. 1993
Advocate Men Aug. 1993
Advocate Men Apr. 1994
Advocate Men Jun. 1994
Advocate Men Sept. 1994
Advocate Men Nov. 1994
Advocate Men Feb. 1995
Advocate Men Mar. 1995
Advocate Men Apr. 1995
Advocate Men Sept. 1995
Advocate Men Oct. 1995
Advocate Men Jan. 1996
Advocate Men Feb. 1996
Advocate Men June, 1996
Advocate Men July, 1996
Advocate Men Aug. 1996
Men of Men May 1986
Men of Men Sept. 1986
Men of Men July, 1987
Men of Men Sept. 1987
Men of Men May, 1988

Colt 2005 Butt Beautiful Calendar
Colt 2006 Hairy Chested Calendar
Colt 2005 Naked Muscles Calendar
Colt 2006 Naked Muscles Calendar
Colt Men #9
Colt Men #13
Colt Men #14
Colt Men #16
Colt Men #17
Colt Men #28
Colt Presents #4
Colt Presents #12
Colt Studio 1979 Calendar
Colt Studio 1986 Calendar
Olympus #5
Olympus #7
Olympus #8
Spurs #7

Playgirl 8/74
Playgirl 10/82
Playgirl 11/83
Best of Playgirl Vol. 1
Playgirl Discoveries #34
Playgirl's Men Vol. 2


Discipline Helmets #2
Exotic & Bizarre Victorian Corsetry
Bizarre Corsetry
Bizarre Bondage Catalog, Vol. #2
Bizarre Videos #1
Bondage From Holland
Transvestite #9

House of Milan
Bondage Toy Catalog #1

Transvestite Catalog No. 2
Bondage Annual No. 4
Bondage Annual No. 7
Bondage Annual No. 5
Male Restraints Vol.1, No. 1

Bizarre Fashions
Fetters In London
DIY - Bondage Equipment and Restraints, No. 1

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